Dr. Tran Nguyen Hai “Outstanding contribution in Reviewing” of journals of Elsevier

Dr. Tran Nguyen Hai (Hai Tran), Research lecturer of Faculty of Environment and Labour Safety of Ton Duc Thang University, was awarded "Outstanding Reviewers" certificate of the journals of Elsevier, including Applied Clay Science; Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering; Journal of Cleaner Production and Journal of Environmental Management. Elsevier is a prestigious publisher of the Netherlands, and Elsevier is awarded to reviewers within the top 10th percentile of reviewers for the journal.

Moreover, Dr. Tran Nguyen Hai is a reviewer of other journals from Elsevier such as Journal of Environmental Management; Journal of Cleaner Production; Water Research; Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety; Applied Clay Science; Chemosphere; Desalination and Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering.

This is an honor for Dr. Tran Nguyen Hai and Ton Duc Thang University. Department for Management of Science and Technology Development (DEMASTED) would like to congratulate Dr. Quoc-Bao Bui on this achievement.

Certificate of Outstanding contribution in Reviewing

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Certificate of Reviewing