Seminar “Publish & Flourish with Institute for Scientific Information (ISI)”

On April 05th, 2018, Ton Duc Thang University organized the seminar entitled "Publish & Flourish with Institute for Scientific Information (ISI)" by Dr. Diu Seng See, Solution Consultant, Southeast Asia Clarivate Analytics.

Attending the meeting, from Clarivate (ISI) and iGroup Việt Nam, there were Ms. Claris Liew, Team Lead Government & Academic, and Ms. Ngo To Hoa, Country Manager of iGroup (Asia-Pacific) Limited.

From Ton Duc Thang University, there were Dr. Ut V. Le, Director of Research Affairs and TDTU's lecturers - researchers, and other interested in the seminar.

There were 2 reports in the seminar. Dr. Ut V. Le has reported on the status of scientific publications in South East Asia, Vietnam and TDTU, as well as the university ranking criteria for several univeristy ranking systems around the world. Thereafter, Dr. Diu Seng See shared the experience using the ISI database for scientific publishing, selecting appropriate journals, and studying of quantitative aspects of information (Informetrics). The seminar had ended successfully, and it promised to open up many collaborative research directions lecturers and researchers of TDTU.

Photos of the seminar:

Publish Floubrish with ISI 1

Publish Floubrish with ISI 2

Publish Floubrish with ISI 3

Publish Floubrish with ISI 4

Publish Floubrish with ISI 5
Scene of the seminar