Board of Auditors

Head of Board: Mr. Nguyen Quoc Bao, Head of Department of Inspection, Legislation and Security

Permanent member: Ms. Le Thi Duyen Hoai, Head of Department of Finance

Member: Mrs. Pham Thi Vu Hanh, Personnel and Administrative Affairs Department

Board of Auditors is the consultant unit of Board of Management; is independent and has the responsibilities of controlling and supervising the Foundation’s operations; audits the work of the Director (and other officers). The Board of Auditors includes three members: Head of Board, Permanent member and Members. Below are the rights and responsibilities of Board of Auditors:

  • Control and report to the Board of Management on the status of the work of the Foundation in accordance with the Foundation’s charters and decisions of the Board;

  • Independently audit the program decided by the Board;

  • Consider and propose to the University’s upper official level which has the authority of grievance resolution of the individual and organization relevant to the Foundation’s activities;

  • Supervise and audit the Foundation’s financial activities.